Troncones is primarily a farming/ranching village that was founded in the 70's. Cattle are raised as well as mangos, coconuts and more. In the last couple of decades it has moved more towards tourism and related work, though it is still rooted in it's past. There are a surprising number and variety of retaurants in town and along the beach and we are certain you will find many that fit your tastes and needs. Tourism is still on a level that doesn't ruin the atmosphere of a quiet beach community and walks on the playa will often find you alone or in limited company.

There are multiple small stores that will carry the majority of what you need while here. There are groceries, liquer, beachwear and more. Several stores also have beautiful selections of gift items and artesinias or hand made items.

Surfing is certainly a draw as well, with many fine breaks both in Troncones or within short driving distances. With the variety available it would be hard to find a day that isn't good at at least one or more of them. Bring your own boards or find many locations to rent here.

More and more people are using bicycles to get around town and we LOVE that. There are multiple locations that rent bikes and will deliver them to you right in Los Raqueros. We can help you arrange rentals. Bicycling is safe here overall as long as you exercise the same precautions you would on any public streets.

Some people choose to rent a car while they are here. It is about 4 kilometers from Los Raqueros to Troncones or less than 2 to Majahua. If you are planning on exploring the area, going on multiple surf trips or to Zihuatanejo many times a car may be useful, though we have local taxi services that will gladly provide transportation for you and many are English speaking.

majahua, mexico

Majahua is the village just to the north of Los Raqueros. It is a fishing community with boats going out everynight to catch what they can. Smaller than Troncones, it still has many great dining opportunities, primarily mariscos (seafood) fresh from the Pacific. There are several small stores providing the basics in groceries.

Majahua is where you can arrange a Capitan and boat to take you on fishing, surfing or sightseeing adventures along the coast. Whale watching is available during whale migration season. We can arrange those activities for you at Los Raqueros.

Los Raqueros is located on the beach at Manzanillo Bay. In-between the village of Troncones and Majahua. Many visitors don’t leave the beach for the duration of the trip as there are three restaurants within close walking distance and many more a bike ride or short taxi ride away. 

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