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There is plenty of surf in the area, starting with the fun left point break in our front yard, known as Troncones Point. There are also other beach breaks and river mouths near by to the north and south. Farther afield Saladita (a long Malibu-style left point) and the Ranch are only a short drive or boat ride away.

The water is warm year-round, usually hovering in the high 70s/low 80s. Winds tend to be light offshore every morning, turning onshore around noon almost every day. Troncones Point is a peaky point with a steep drop over sharp coral, that then backs off into deeper water, sometimes lining up nicely through the inside, sometimes not. We recommend reef boots, as the urchins can be thick.

Good boards can be rented at the nearby Inn at Manzanillo Bay (Modern boards in good condition: Channel Islands, Rusty, etc., mostly epoxy as well as long boards, boogie boards, fins, snorkels, etc.)

Mike Linn of Tsunami Surf offers surf lessons, board rentals and "rent and ride" packages where you rent the board and he takes you to the spot and you are free to surf as you like. Call him at 103-0018, or email at

What is the surf like?

In the wintertime the surf is anywhere from small to medium, it is perfect for boogie boarding and body surfing. In the summertime the surf is usually from medium to big. If there is a tropical storm in the vicinity it will really bring the surf up. If you are a surfer, you know that conditions cannot be guaranteed.


There are multiple places offering yoga in Majahua and Troncones, some just a short walk down the beach away. We can help you set up sessions when you are here.

When are you open?

We are open year round.

Are you right on the beach?

The Beach Bungalow is literally on the sand, while the rest of the rooms are tucked into the garden just 10m from the sand and about 20m from the water’s edge. Manzanillo Bay is one of the best beaches in the area. It's protected waters rarely have the currents so dangerous on open-ocean beaches.

How do I get to Los Raqueros from the airport and how long does it take?

You can take a taxi to Raqueros from the airport (and back) or you can rent a car. Hertz, Alamo, Budget, and National have rentals at the airport. The trip takes about 50 minutes.  Prices with the cabs at the airport are fixed and non-negotiable. Returns to the airport must be done by local cabs. We will arrange taxi service for you.

It is simple to get a taxi at the airport; there is a “Ground Transportation” desk when you come out of customs. Tell them that you want to go to Troncones and they will take your payment and give you a slip that you can take out the door to the taxi stand. The cars are in good shape and most have AC. All the taxi drivers know how to get to Troncones.

Which airport should I fly into?

You need to fly into the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International Airport (ZIH).

Do you have a restaurant on site?

Breakfast is included and there is a full-service restaurant onsite. Check the Food and Drinks page for details. Some units have a kitchen: the casitas have their own outdoor kitchenette as well as the deluxe suite.

Do you have refrigerators in the rooms?

We have fridges in each kitchenette, and mini fridges in the other rooms. Each kitchen has most basic appliances and cutlery (blenders, coffee pot, toaster etc.), but we do not provide kitchen staples (salt, oil, spices, produce disinfectant etc.). You can find most basic groceries in the convenience stores in Troncones and nearby Majahua. 

Do you have A/C?

Every room is air conditioned.

Do you have beach towels?

Yes, beach towels are standard with every room.

What is there to do in the area?


Surfing the best point in Troncones right out front (lessons also available)


Fishing: boats can be easily arranged and will take you out after Dorado, Marlin, Sail fish, Spanish Mackerel and sometimes Tuna

Boogie Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Horseback riding

Mountain Biking, Troncones has a new mountain bike trail system for beginner to intermediate bikers.

Hiking, the same trail system provides opportunities for hiking as well. 

Birding, the area has incredibly diverse bird life.

Guided eco tours, mountain bikes, Kayaking trips and more available through our friends at Costa Nativa Eco tours

Onsite manicure and pedicure service available

Therapeutic massage, let a master masseuse come to you

Hammocks scattered about the property for your lounging pleasure.

Taxi service available to Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo.

I don't want to bring much cash. What should I do?

You can pay the balance of your hotel bill before you arrive, or by credit card once you get here. Very few restaurants accept credit cards, so bring pesos and/or a debit card to withdraw pesos as needed. There are ATM machines in the airport that we recommend utilizing when you arrive. An ATM will give you a better exchange rate than any other method. There is now an ATM machine in Troncones! But it is notorious for being out of service for one reason or another, so it is best to come prepared. All of our rooms have completely secure lock boxes where you can safely store your valuables and cash without worry.

Can you go SCUBA diving or fishing?

Scuba Diving and sport fishing can be arranged in Zihuatanejo.

In shore small game fishing can be arranged right here in Majahua. Let us set you up with a captain for a morning of fun.

There is an official scuba center there and they have guided trips that start at around $50 US a person. The scuba diving on the pacific coast of Mexico is not ‘world class’ but it is a fun way to spend the afternoon.

What if I need a doctor?

For a minor injury there is a clinic and a private doctor about a ten-minute drive away. For something more major there is a private hospital in Zihuatanejo. No matter what, if you are injured we will do all we can to help.

Can I get laundry done?

We do not do laundry; our machines goe almost 24 hours a day to keep up with our own laundry! There is a laundry service in Troncones. The Puesta del Sol apartment has a washer/dryer combo.

Are there places to buy gifts?

We have a small gift shop on sight and there are several others in the area.

How far should I book in advance?

It is always better to book as far in advance as possible. It is difficult for us to predict when we will be full. But one thing is certain, for reservations during the Christmas season you should book one year in advance. Best to book as soon as you are sure of the dates you need.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. We prefer credit cards on arrival and while you are here. For reservations if you use our online booking system there are payment options available. If you book through email or over the phone we can not manually enter your card.

Where can I get pesos once I am there?

The best place to get pesos once you arrive is at the airport ATM machine at the airport. The ATM will give you a better exchange rate than the banks here. There is an ATM in Troncones that works, well most of the time...

Can I use my ATM card?

As long as it is part of the Plus system and Cirrus, yes. There is now an ATM machine in Troncones!! There are also quite a few ATM machines in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa that take the Plus system and Cirrus. Sometimes, although you think that you can use your card anywhere; it hasn’t been programmed to go international: check at your bank before leaving.

I am a vegetarian. Can you accommodate me?

We offer a standard breakfast menu. If you are vegetarian or have special needs you can can let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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