There is plenty of surf in the area, starting with the fun left point break in our back yard, known as Troncones Point.  There are also other  beach breaks and river mouths near by to the north and south. Farther afield Saladita (a long Malibu-style left point) and the Ranch are only a short drive or boat ride away.

The water is warm year-round, usually hovering in the high 70s/low 80s. Winds tend to be light offshore every morning, turning onshore around noon almost every day. Troncones Point is a peaky point with a steep drop over sharp coral, that then backs off into deeper water, sometimes lining up nicely through the inside, sometimes not. We recommend reef boots, as the urchins can be thick.

Good boards can be rented at the nearby Inn at Manzanillo Bay (Modern boards in good condition: Channel Islands, Rusty, etc, mostly epoxy as well as long boards, boogie boards, fins, snorkels, etc.

Mike Linn of Tsunami Surf, offers surf lessons, board rentals and "rent and ride" packages where you rent the board and he takes you to the spot and you are free to surf as you like. Call him at 103-0018, or email at