Getting Here

We are at N 17º 47′ 733″ , W 101º 44′ 671″…. (click to see it)

The airport in Zihuatanejo is a small international airport that has direct flights to and from many locations inside and outside the US.

From California
Alaska Airlines frequently offers direct flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Ixtapa/Zihua airport. These flights are much quicker than many of the other options from California, which have stopovers in Mexico City or Houston. Flight 208 from SFO and Flight 204 from LAX operate several days/each week. Click here to search for these flights at Last time we checked, Alaska charged $75 each way for surfboards of any size.

From Texas
Several airlines offer direct flights to Ixtapa/Zihua. Last time we checked, Continental charged $100 to $150 each way for surfboards, and has oversized baggage embargoes during much of the high season, so be sure to check with them about that if you’re flying Continental. Click here to search for these flights at

From Elsewhere
We can’t be sure what the ins-and-outs of getting here from everywhere are… but you can head over to Expedia and easily input your travel dates and where you’re coming from to get an idea of what you’ll be looking at in terms of travel time. We’d also like to expand this page with more information about getting here, so share with us how you got here and maybe we’ll post it.

From the airport in Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa

Since around November 2012, the road to our Posada from the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa airport has vastly improved and the trip should take no more than 30 minutes.

When you exit the airport follow the signs to Zihuatanejo (route 200) it is just one Highway all the way into town. When you enter Zihuatanejo you will see a traffic circle on your left. Start following the signs to Lazaro Cardenas all the way through Zihuatanejo. When you leave the town there is a sign to the right to Lazaro Cadena and follow this road (200) past the town of Buena Vista. (about 10 minutes)

About 3 Km past Buena Vista you see an exit to “Playa Troncones” to the right and that immediately leads you across the road you just took. Careful, to look left and right for oncoming traffic from both sides. Accros the road take a turn to the left and you will soon see a Pemex gas station on the left hand side of the road. About 200 meters from the gas station you see a sign “Playa Troncones” to the right. After about 3 Km you will come into the town of Troncones and you will see the Pacific Ocean in front of you. You will now hit a TEE in the road, take a right. Cross the bridge and in about 3 Km, you will see a sign to “Inn at Manzanillo Bay” keep going straight. You will see a long wall on your left and keep en eye out for a TELMEX phone booth also on the left. About 200 meters form the phone booth you will see the front Gate of our Posada de los Raqueros. There is a cord draped over the gate, please pull on it and it will activate a chime and someone will open the gate for you. You have arrived at our Posada de los Raqueros, our slice of paradise. Our staff will take you to your accommodations, poor you one of our famous world renowned Margaritas and answer any questions you may have. Welcome and Enjoy your well deserved vacation.