Los Raqueros is located on the beach at Manzanillo Bay, in between the village of Troncones and La Majahua, we lie approximately 40km from the resort area of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.  You can easily take a taxi from the airport or rent a car. If you rent a car it is convient to stop off at the large grocery store, Comercial Mexicana, in Zihuatanejo on the way out to stock up for the week. You will find it one block off of the main highway through town. 

Our little bay and the village of Troncones and La Majahua have all the amenities and dining options you will need during your trip, and many people show up here and don’t leave the beach for the duration of the trip. There are three restaurants on within close walking distance, the rest a bike ride or short taxi ride away. 
 Troncones also has 2 convenience stores for basic grocery, beer and liquor needs.

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