Happy New Year from La Posada de Los Raqueros!

Posted on: enero 2nd, 2014 by Hans

Happy New Year from Posada de los Raqueros on Manzanillo Bay in Beautiful Troncones!

A gorgeous winter day at Playa Manzanillo as viewed from La Posada de los Raqueros

While the US and Canada are battling snowstorm after snowstorm, we are experiencing one of our warmest winters in years …. balmy temperatures of 80-85 degrees F in the day and a refreshing 70 at night. Almost cool enough to wrap up in a blanket while sitting on large terrace and listening to the waves. Almost.

Of course, the beginning of a new year is the time when we all reflect on where we have been… and “where” we want to go. We plan to break bad habits, start new exercise regimes, reach big goals and reconnect with old friends. And hopefully, in the midst of all the lofty resolutions, we find time to resolve to do nothing. And that’s where we come in…

Finding the time and the perfect place to recharge your batteries is almost as important as burning the midnight oil to finish your first novel – or just finish checking your kid’s math homework. A few days on the beach at Manzanillo Bay will wash away worries. A few swings in the hammock will rock you to sleep like never before. A few fish tacos up the road at one of our favorite restaurants, Tronco Bay and you’ll feel full of accomplishment… at least until dinner time when it’s time to go back for more.

So here’s to 2014… finding balance and finding time. We hope we find you here at La Posada de los Raqueros.

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