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Mexican Tourism on the Rise

Posted on: enero 31st, 2014 by Hans

Tourism is currently Mexico’s 5th biggest revenue source with about 7 million people working in the tourist industry. Of course, in gorgeous beach destinations like our Manzanillo Bay and Troncones, tourism provides the bulk of income for almost everyone who lives here. This makes us excited to know that tourism is expected to rise to become the 3rd biggest revenue source for Mexico by 2018, according to and quoting Tourism Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu as their primary source for these projections.

What does this mean for Posada de los Raqueros and for you, our welcome guest?

As tourism becomes more and more important to the Mexican economy, more and more federal funding will become available. Infrastructure will be upgraded while more comprehensive environmental protection laws will be enacted and enforced. The government will work to subsidize more and more international flights meaning that there will be more options – all at lower costs! And of course, with more money, our local, state and federal tourism boards will be able to promote this beautiful country and all of her cultural, natural and historical destinations. Exciting news!

We have already begun to see the benefits of the resurgence of the tourism industry. We have a new speedy road leading to Troncones from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, buses are being replaced and refurbished and services such as cellular phone coverage and internet speed are getting better every season.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to be ahead of the trend?! Come and see why Mexico is considered to be one of the fastest growing tourist, tech and industrial growth markets in the world! Or just come and see the Troncones sunset... you don’t need any economic charts to understand just how magical those are!

A Whale of a Time to Visit Los Raqueros

Posted on: enero 21st, 2014 by Hans

As all of our friends from the US and Canada flee the frigid temperatures up north, so do our humpback friends! It’s whale watching time! From December until early-March, we keep our eye on the horizon to see our giant friends cresting and dancing in the waves, often times breaching in spectacular movie-worthy displays of strength and size.

A humpback whale breaches the waters for a spectacular display of strength and speed

The number of humpback whales that pass by Manzanillo Bay each year during their 3,000 mile trek is estimated to be at least 1,250 with the numbers growing thanks to conservation efforts. They travel in pods and those fortunate enough to get close to them can hear them singing to each other, leading each other and “discussing” where to rest, when to eat, how close to shore they want to be. The whales travel at an average speed of 3 to 5 miles per hour and during these travel periods do not stop to feed but rather live off of their blubber reserves.

While we often have sightings of these glorious creatures right from our lounge chairs on the beach at La Posada de los Raqueros, we also recommend taking a guided boat tour. Mexico has enacted laws to protect the whales from recreational boats – the unpredictability of the whales can lead to accidental injury of the animals or the separation of a mother from her calf. We can recommend a local tour guide who can safely lead you to areas frequented by traveling whales with hopes of seeing these magnificent animals up close and personal.

There is an exciting new effort beginning in the area to study the local whale migration and use this information to educate fishermen, students, government officials and tourism agencies as to ways to both protect the whales and to encourage an authentic form of eco-tourism. They have begun to study the whales passing through the area and also will be conducting workshops to help train boat operators and others about safe whale watching and fishing practices. You can read more about their efforts on their informative website: Whales of Guerrero.

Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries

Did you know we are on Facebook?

Posted on: enero 12th, 2014 by Hans

Facebook is a great medium for us to connect with you on a daily basis, sharing our candid photos and reminding all of our fans what makes Posada de los Raqueros and Manzanillo Bay so special. Come visit us on Facebook and tell us what is your favorite Raqueros memory!

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Keeping the Secret: Preserving the beauty and quiet of Troncones & Manzanillo Bay

Posted on: enero 6th, 2014 by Hans

We have a precarious balance to keep here in at La Posada de los Raqueros and in our small community of Troncones. Of course, we must advertise in order to get business for our beachside cottages. If no one comes to stay, how will we be able to afford tequila for our sunset margaritas – and who will we share them with? BUT, on the other hand, we also want to keep this secret beach treasure all to ourselves. The beach in front of La Posada de los Raqueros We love our sleepy little beach town where everyone knows each other. We love the intense quiet that is only interrupted by the crashing of the waves. We love that, at night, the only twinkling lights we see in the distance are stars. We love the feeling of escape – a break from routines and a respite from the deadlines. Business meetings are held over a lunch of fish tacos and guacamole. Deals are signed, barefoot with our feet in the sand.

So what happens if the word gets out and our idyllic sleepy spot on the Pacific Ocean… well, wakes up? So far, we’ve kept that balance and we are happy that everyone who comes here understands how special Troncones is and works with us to keep it that way…

The New York Times has written several articles over the years about Troncones and Manzanillo Bay, reaching millions of readers and undoubtedly inspiring thousands of airline ticket searches. But even the travel writers at New York Times are wary of giving too much exposure, of Troncones becoming too “cool” for its own good.

Jeannie Ralston wrote her article, “In Mexico, Where the Waves Still Win” in April 2013:

“How was it possible that any place could thrive in the oxymoronic state of both newly chic and genuine? I figured we’d better get there quickly before it became totally overrun and turned into just any other beach town.

“On our walks — more than two miles round trip — we were relieved to find the beach mostly empty, even at prime-time hours. ‘It’s 4 o’clock, and we’ve passed what — 60 people?’ my husband asked after one outing. We considered this good news, but that night at dinner a man who visits regularly from Seattle said he was feeling crowded. ‘It used to be there’d only be five people on the beach with you,’ he said.”

In other words, the secret is out… and everyone has decided the secret is worth keeping.


PS New York Magazine  has also written about Troncones – including our home here at La Posada de los Raqueros in their “Weekend Escape Plan“!

Sometimes you can walk the beach at Manzanillo Bay and not see anyone but pelicans and crabs!

Happy New Year from La Posada de Los Raqueros!

Posted on: enero 2nd, 2014 by Hans

Happy New Year from Posada de los Raqueros on Manzanillo Bay in Beautiful Troncones!

A gorgeous winter day at Playa Manzanillo as viewed from La Posada de los Raqueros

While the US and Canada are battling snowstorm after snowstorm, we are experiencing one of our warmest winters in years …. balmy temperatures of 80-85 degrees F in the day and a refreshing 70 at night. Almost cool enough to wrap up in a blanket while sitting on large terrace and listening to the waves. Almost.

Of course, the beginning of a new year is the time when we all reflect on where we have been… and “where” we want to go. We plan to break bad habits, start new exercise regimes, reach big goals and reconnect with old friends. And hopefully, in the midst of all the lofty resolutions, we find time to resolve to do nothing. And that’s where we come in…

Finding the time and the perfect place to recharge your batteries is almost as important as burning the midnight oil to finish your first novel – or just finish checking your kid’s math homework. A few days on the beach at Manzanillo Bay will wash away worries. A few swings in the hammock will rock you to sleep like never before. A few fish tacos up the road at one of our favorite restaurants, Tronco Bay and you’ll feel full of accomplishment… at least until dinner time when it’s time to go back for more.

So here’s to 2014… finding balance and finding time. We hope we find you here at La Posada de los Raqueros.

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