Mexican Tourism on the Rise

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by Hans

Tourism is currently Mexico’s 5th biggest revenue source with about 7 million people working in the tourist industry. Of course, in gorgeous beach destinations like our Manzanillo Bay and Troncones, tourism provides the bulk of income for almost everyone who lives here. This makes us excited to know that tourism is expected to rise to become the 3rd biggest revenue source for Mexico by 2018, according to and quoting Tourism Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu as their primary source for these projections.

What does this mean for Posada de los Raqueros and for you, our welcome guest?

As tourism becomes more and more important to the Mexican economy, more and more federal funding will become available. Infrastructure will be upgraded while more comprehensive environmental protection laws will be enacted and enforced. The government will work to subsidize more and more international flights meaning that there will be more options – all at lower costs! And of course, with more money, our local, state and federal tourism boards will be able to promote this beautiful country and all of her cultural, natural and historical destinations. Exciting news!

We have already begun to see the benefits of the resurgence of the tourism industry. We have a new speedy road leading to Troncones from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, buses are being replaced and refurbished and services such as cellular phone coverage and internet speed are getting better every season.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to be ahead of the trend?! Come and see why Mexico is considered to be one of the fastest growing tourist, tech and industrial growth markets in the world! Or just come and see the Troncones sunset... you don’t need any economic charts to understand just how magical those are!

A Whale of a Time to Visit Los Raqueros

Posted on: January 21st, 2014 by Hans

As all of our friends from the US and Canada flee the frigid temperatures up north, so do our humpback friends! It’s whale watching time! From December until early-March, we keep our eye on the horizon to see our giant friends cresting and dancing in the waves, often times breaching in spectacular movie-worthy displays of strength and size.

A humpback whale breaches the waters for a spectacular display of strength and speed

The number of humpback whales that pass by Manzanillo Bay each year during their 3,000 mile trek is estimated to be at least 1,250 with the numbers growing thanks to conservation efforts. They travel in pods and those fortunate enough to get close to them can hear them singing to each other, leading each other and “discussing” where to rest, when to eat, how close to shore they want to be. The whales travel at an average speed of 3 to 5 miles per hour and during these travel periods do not stop to feed but rather live off of their blubber reserves.

While we often have sightings of these glorious creatures right from our lounge chairs on the beach at La Posada de los Raqueros, we also recommend taking a guided boat tour. Mexico has enacted laws to protect the whales from recreational boats – the unpredictability of the whales can lead to accidental injury of the animals or the separation of a mother from her calf. We can recommend a local tour guide who can safely lead you to areas frequented by traveling whales with hopes of seeing these magnificent animals up close and personal.

There is an exciting new effort beginning in the area to study the local whale migration and use this information to educate fishermen, students, government officials and tourism agencies as to ways to both protect the whales and to encourage an authentic form of eco-tourism. They have begun to study the whales passing through the area and also will be conducting workshops to help train boat operators and others about safe whale watching and fishing practices. You can read more about their efforts on their informative website: Whales of Guerrero.

Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries

Did you know we are on Facebook?

Posted on: January 12th, 2014 by Hans

Facebook is a great medium for us to connect with you on a daily basis, sharing our candid photos and reminding all of our fans what makes Posada de los Raqueros and Manzanillo Bay so special. Come visit us on Facebook and tell us what is your favorite Raqueros memory!

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Keeping the Secret: Preserving the beauty and quiet of Troncones & Manzanillo Bay

Posted on: January 6th, 2014 by Hans

We have a precarious balance to keep here in at La Posada de los Raqueros and in our small community of Troncones. Of course, we must advertise in order to get business for our beachside cottages. If no one comes to stay, how will we be able to afford tequila for our sunset margaritas – and who will we share them with? BUT, on the other hand, we also want to keep this secret beach treasure all to ourselves. The beach in front of La Posada de los Raqueros We love our sleepy little beach town where everyone knows each other. We love the intense quiet that is only interrupted by the crashing of the waves. We love that, at night, the only twinkling lights we see in the distance are stars. We love the feeling of escape – a break from routines and a respite from the deadlines. Business meetings are held over a lunch of fish tacos and guacamole. Deals are signed, barefoot with our feet in the sand.

So what happens if the word gets out and our idyllic sleepy spot on the Pacific Ocean… well, wakes up? So far, we’ve kept that balance and we are happy that everyone who comes here understands how special Troncones is and works with us to keep it that way…

The New York Times has written several articles over the years about Troncones and Manzanillo Bay, reaching millions of readers and undoubtedly inspiring thousands of airline ticket searches. But even the travel writers at New York Times are wary of giving too much exposure, of Troncones becoming too “cool” for its own good.

Jeannie Ralston wrote her article, “In Mexico, Where the Waves Still Win” in April 2013:

“How was it possible that any place could thrive in the oxymoronic state of both newly chic and genuine? I figured we’d better get there quickly before it became totally overrun and turned into just any other beach town.

“On our walks — more than two miles round trip — we were relieved to find the beach mostly empty, even at prime-time hours. ‘It’s 4 o’clock, and we’ve passed what — 60 people?’ my husband asked after one outing. We considered this good news, but that night at dinner a man who visits regularly from Seattle said he was feeling crowded. ‘It used to be there’d only be five people on the beach with you,’ he said.”

In other words, the secret is out… and everyone has decided the secret is worth keeping.


PS New York Magazine  has also written about Troncones – including our home here at La Posada de los Raqueros in their “Weekend Escape Plan“!

Sometimes you can walk the beach at Manzanillo Bay and not see anyone but pelicans and crabs!

Happy New Year from La Posada de Los Raqueros!

Posted on: January 2nd, 2014 by Hans

Happy New Year from Posada de los Raqueros on Manzanillo Bay in Beautiful Troncones!

A gorgeous winter day at Playa Manzanillo as viewed from La Posada de los Raqueros

While the US and Canada are battling snowstorm after snowstorm, we are experiencing one of our warmest winters in years …. balmy temperatures of 80-85 degrees F in the day and a refreshing 70 at night. Almost cool enough to wrap up in a blanket while sitting on large terrace and listening to the waves. Almost.

Of course, the beginning of a new year is the time when we all reflect on where we have been… and “where” we want to go. We plan to break bad habits, start new exercise regimes, reach big goals and reconnect with old friends. And hopefully, in the midst of all the lofty resolutions, we find time to resolve to do nothing. And that’s where we come in…

Finding the time and the perfect place to recharge your batteries is almost as important as burning the midnight oil to finish your first novel – or just finish checking your kid’s math homework. A few days on the beach at Manzanillo Bay will wash away worries. A few swings in the hammock will rock you to sleep like never before. A few fish tacos up the road at one of our favorite restaurants, Tronco Bay and you’ll feel full of accomplishment… at least until dinner time when it’s time to go back for more.

So here’s to 2014… finding balance and finding time. We hope we find you here at La Posada de los Raqueros.

Troncones Turtle Rescue & Eco-Tourism

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turtle release program, Troncones MexicoTroncones is renowned for so many wonderful features– and as a beautiful beach resort, you’ll have the time of your life here with us at Raqueros.  But in addition to all the things you have come to know us for (surfing, bird watching, and beach weddings in Mexico come to mind), you can add one more thing to the list: helping to restore the Pacific Ocean sea turtle population by releasing baby turtles into the wild.  There’s not much more amazing and sweet than holding an hours-old tiny turtle in your hand, and then sending it off towards the ocean with all the good wishes you can muster.turtle release program, Troncones Mexico

Our guests at Raqueros have a front-row seat for witnessing this miracle firsthand, and participating in the nightly release of baby turtes– and if you’re really lucky, you might even see a female turtle laying her eggs in the sand at night right in front of Raqueros!

Sea turtles have been listed as an endangered species by the World Conservation Union for many years; due mostly to the collection of eggs for human consumption along much of the Mexican coastline, it’s estimated that up to 35,000 sea turtles are killed each year. But heroic programs such as the one in Troncones are helping to restore the population, as well as adding the critical step of educating kids and adults alike about the importance of protecting–not eating– these majestic sea creatures.

turtle release program, Troncones MexicoThe turtle preservation program was begun by Juan Carlos, a young Troncones native.  At night, female turtles climb onto the beach to lay their eggs, and a team of volunteers carefully uncovers the eggs and transports them to a safe area in front of Robert’s Bistro, which has been converted into a hatchery.  The eggs are protected here, and two months later the babies break free of their shells and are collected into a basin, which is then brought to the waters’ edge nearly every evening.  This is when locals and tourists alike are welcomed to release the tiny turtles back into the ocean, sending them on their way with prayers for a long and happy turtle life.

It’s estimated that only 10% of the baby turtles will make it to adulthood, due to natural predators and environmental threats, which makes it all the more important for conservation programs to release such great numbers back into the wild.

There is no charge for helping to release the turtles, but donations are gratefully accepted towards this wonderful program, which helps to release up to 15,000 turtles every year back into the Pacific Ocean.  Make sure to return for another vacation in about 30 years, when many of these same babies will return to lay their eggs on the very beach where they were released!

All-Inclusive Vacation Packages at Raqueros

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We totally understand.   You work incredibly hard all year long (there’s a reason it’s called “the grind”) and your vacation is hard-earned and much-anticipated.  You want it to be a amazing experience complete with the perfect balance of relaxation, delicious food, and adventure, but, dios mio, who has time for planning and research?

Raqueros to the rescue!  You already know we’re the place to come to recharge and relax in beautiful beachfront accomodations in Troncones, with the waves breaking just steps away from your door.  And you know that we’re the go-to spot for bird watching, yoga, surfing, weddings, snorkling, fishing, boogie boarding, boat rides, horseback riding, kayaking — oh, and hammock-napping and long walks on the beach, too.

While you’re planning your great getaway, let us tell you all about our inclusive vacation packages, custom designed to help you get the Mexican holiday you’re dreaming of.  We start at the airport, arranging for certified drivers to pick you up and transport you with ease to our beachfront paradise at Raqueros.

Then, we take the activity or experience you love, pair it with the top local experts & professionals, include all transportation and logistics, and finish it up with delicious meals and beach-appropriate beverages.  Which means all you need to do is bring yourself +  sunscreen + your fantastic Mexican holiday attitude!

Anything you can dream of, we are pros at planning packages for:

  • Surfing: Whether you’re a newbie or semi-pro, we’ll find you the perfect instructor or guide, transport you to the best breaks, and make sure you’re well-fed with gourmet food along the way.  Finish the day up with an ice-cold cerveza while watching the sun set, and your happily exhausted body will sleep well, resting up to do it all over again the next day.
  • Horseback Riding: Whatever your skill and comfort level, we’ll pair you up with a suitable horse and the most knowledgeable local guides for a day you’ll never forget.  Ride along the beautiful Troncones beaches and into the hills and lush jungle areas, learning about local history and flora along the way.  Sunrise or sunset, we’ll send along delicious food and drinks and make sure your desires are met: dip in the ocean or splash in a secret swimming hole, climb up a hillside, or let the horses do all the work and enjoy the scenery!
  • Luxury Spa Packages: There’s a lot to be said for relaxation and rejuvination, and we’ve got this perfected.  Our experienced massage therapists are skilled in all types of massage, and they’ll show up at your door to pamper you in style.  Our manicurists are pros, and will make your hands and feet glow with new energy– and new polish!  Facials with luxury creams, reflexology, acupressure, and more– all brought right to you, along with fresh tropical fruits and juices and gourmet spa cuisine. Que rico!
  • Mexican Cooking Classes: Want to learn all about homemade salsa picante, fresh corn tortillas, and chile poblanos?  Our Mexican mamas are prepared to teach you, in our well-appointed open kitchen at Raqueros.  They come bearing fresh vegetables, spices, and a sense of humor, ready to teach you the secrets of a true Mexican kitchen.  You’ll return home with recipes for agua frescas, guacamole, and more.  Included: all the chips and salsa you can eat (you’ll just have to make them first!)
  • Zihuatanejo Condo + Troncones Beachfront Packages: How about a few days in a luxury condo on the best swimming beach in Zihuatanejo, followed by a few more on the pristine beachfront in Troncones?  Split your time between the energetic (yet calm) town of Zihua, and the quiet, lazy sandfilled days and nights of Troncones and you’ll have the best of both worlds.  Combined with tours and packages — or not — you’ll experience a Mexican holiday like no other.
  • And more! Tell us your wishes and we’ll make it so. We love creating custom vacation packages for our guests and we promise we’ll provide you with the memories of a lifetime.

Contact us and tell us all about the holiday you’re dreaming of — we can’t wait to hear all about it.  Hasta pronto!

Your Dream Beach Wedding in Mexico

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Dream beach wedding in MexicoSometimes dreams really do come true– and if you dream of a beach wedding in Mexico, with the sun setting behind you as you exchange your vows and gentle ocean waves providing the music, we’re at your service!

The truth is, we absolutely love planning and hosting beach weddings in Mexico, at our beachfront getaway Posada de los Raqueros. As destination weddings in Mexico have become more popular we’ve been making magic happen for countless couples, and every time we’re struck anew by Cupid’s arrow… we can’t help it, we’re incurable romantics!

Every part of a wedding here with us, on the beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Troncones, is custom-tailored to your wishes. Weddings at Raqueros can accommodate up to 150 guests, and we specialize in smaller, intimate affairs too.

We can arrange for your ceremony to be held at the waters edge, on the grass in the garden, or on the veranda of the main house. Do you envision an abundance of tropical flowers decorating the posada, or perhaps festive traditional Mexican papel picado fluttering overhead in the breeze… or both? Our wedding parties have danced to top-notch DJs and live latin groups, and of course, no wedding is complete without serenades by a mariachi band– all of which we’ll arrange according to your wishes.Dream beach wedding in Mexico

When it’s time to plan your menu, we’re pros at designing a custom-menu you’ll be delighted with.  We partner with Jean Pascal Bochet, of Troncones Catering, to provide a sumptuous meal your guests will rave about for years to come– have a look at some sample menus and we’ll bet your appetite is piqued!  Your wedding cake is given the same care and attention: our bakers handcraft exquisite wedding cakes with the flavors and design you desire, so you’re sure to start your married life on a sweet, delicious note.

We can also arrange the little details you’ll need for your big day: hair, makeup and nails by local spa professionals, pre-wedding massages for the wedding party, activities for your guests (anyone up for some world class surfing?), photographers and videographers to capture the special moments, and more.

Photos from a recent Raqueros wedding:

So get in touch and tell us what your dreams are for your beach wedding in Mexico, and we’ll help you plan the most special day of your life!

All wedding photos copyright

Find Bliss on a Yoga Retreat in Mexico

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Yoga retreat in MexicoDay after day, we unroll our sticky mat in whatever space we’ve got– sunlit yoga studio or cramped studio apartment.  We step onto it, close our eyes, and breathe.  It may take a few breaths, or an hour-full of them, but we practice: coming back to our inhales and exhales; being present to our current reality; being gentle with our selves and letting our bodies flow with the energy we create.

Ocean view yoga in Mexico
The view from your yoga class

But, let’s be honest: there are times we could really use a change of scene.  No matter how much we love those studios, who doesn’t dream of doing yoga in Mexico?  Talk about inspiring: sun salutations with the sun!  Down dogs with the sweet dogs staring out at the ocean.  Tree pose while listening to the palms gently sway, and child’s pose while listening to the waves unfold themselves onto the sand.

Yogis and teachers, we welcome you to Raqueros, where you can reconnect deeply with your practice and yourself.  Whether you’re a single yogi or a teacher leading a retreat, we’ve got what you need. Yoga retreats in Mexico are memories that last a lifetime, and we love making those dreams come true!

Ocean view yoga in Mexico
Our wraparound veranda is perfect for yoga!

For yogis looking for a beach retreat, the beauty of Raqueros is the ample space to roll out your mat steps from the ocean.  If you’re staying in one of our bungalows, your private patio area is the perfect spot for morning and evening practice (with ample hammock-napping in between).  Our suites open out right on the large tiled veranda; with a direct view of the Pacific Ocean, you can dive deeply into your asanas before diving right into the waves.  We’ve also got the direct connection to the best teachers in town, for one-on-one private classes in the sanctuary of Raqueros.

If you’re a teacher leading yoga retreats in Mexico, let us help you plan your Yoga retreat in Mexiconext dream retreat.  Your group can reserve the entire Posada for a private experience, and you can lead classes on the large covered veranda overlooking the ocean.  After sessions end, make your way over to the communal dining table where fresh juice, local fruits, and other homemade healthy and delicious treats will be waiting!   We’re happy to work with you to arrange the yoga retreat you’ve always dreamed of leading; if you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Yoga retreat in MexicoAnd the best part is, we’re perfectly situated for a whole host of other fantastic activities and have got all the connections you need: surfing lessons & rentals for a surf/yoga retreat, horseback riding on the beach or jungle, hiking, kayaking, dolphin cruises, and bird watching.  We can arrange for top of the line spa services right at Raqueros, so that you and your group can have luxurious massages and pedicures without moving an inch; we bring the spa right to you.

Sri Pattabhi Jois said, “Practice, and all is coming.“   Posada de los Raqueros says, “Practice on a yoga retreat in Mexico, and all is coming… with sand between your toes and a pina colada in your hand!

Surf Troncones: Waves of a Lifetime

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It’s possible that just about everyone on the planet harbors secret surfer dreams, and Mexico plays a big role in those fantasies.  Can’t you just imagine waking up beachside every morning, tossing on a suit, grabbing your board and getting in a warm-water surf session while the sun rises? Add in end-of-day sunsets, cold cervezas, fish tacos, and the sweet slumber that comes after a day of paddling and riding the perfect waves… and I think we’ve all just fulfilled a life goal.

It’s no secret that the Mexican coastline is full of mindblowing surf spots– some well-known, and others which the locals will never breathe word of to an outsider.  So that means insider info like this:  Surf Troncones,  for  the trip of a lifetime.

Of course, a handful of Mexican waves get nearly all the publicity– the “Mexican Pipeline” is intense and hardcore– but when you surf Troncones & the beaches nearby, you’ll find nearly crowd-free breaks, spots for everyone from beginner to advanced, and that surf lifestyle you see in your dreams.

Posada de los Raqueros is positioned steps from the main point break here in Troncones beach, on Manzanillo Bay.  From most rooms you can see the ocean, and then head out and sit in a beach chair, feet in the sand, while drinking your morning coffee and watching the waves curl… then strap on your leash and go.  Get in touch with us with any surfing-related questions you have — what are the best spots, times of year, where to rent surfboards or boogie boards, the best instructors and lessons, what kind of beer goes best with an epic left– and we’ll get you all the answers you need.  We can handle any special requests you’ve got: arranging lessons and day trips, getting your sessions photographed, and cooking up a post-surf feast on the beach for your group!

And, to get your appetite going, we’re proud to post photos from the local Surf Photo King, Armando Ortega (aka Wax), a local surfer and professional surf photographer.   Scroll down for a taste of what you’ll find right here in front of Raqueros, on the rest of Playa Troncones, and at other spots nearby.

All photos © Wax

Some pics from Manzanillo Bay, right in front of Raqueros: left happens all year long, it’s best April through November.  Good to advanced level.  (Click to enlarge photos)



Playa La Saladita, 20 minutes north of Troncones.  Beginner through all levels.  One of the world’s longest lefts, all year.  (Click to enlarge photos)

Las Gatas:  Left wave, also happens on big south swells.  Advanced.  (Click to enlarge photos)

South of Zihuatanejo:  Loma Bonita… lefts and rights, and barrels.  Works most of the year… advanced.  (Click to enlarge photos)

South of Zihuatanejo: Barra de Potosi.  Left and barrels.  Happens only on big south swells.  All levels.  (Click to enlarge photos)

North Ixtapa:  Playa Linda.  Lefts and rights all year long.  Beginners and all-level.  (Click to enlarge photos)

Rancho: 40 minutes north of Troncones.  Good and advanced levels, lefts and rights, all year long.  (Click to enlarge photos)

Current surf report in Troncones, Mexico:

Current surf report in Troncones, Mexico:


You’ve found it — the best surf spot on the whole Mexican coast — we welcome you with beautiful lodging right on the break, a fantastic place to watch the sunsets each night, and your home away from home for the surf trip of a lifetime.

For surf photography, video, & surf sessions, contact:
Armando Ortega