A story from our webmaster:

The first time my wife and I decided to visit Troncones, all our friends asked us “what are you guys going to do for 2 weeks there?  You’re going to get bored out of your minds!”.  See, we weren’t renting a car.  We weren’t bringing computers or other devices from the digital world.  We had no idea what food options awaited us (my wife’s a pescatarian).  Our plan was to bring some books, some swim fins and a surfboard and try to get ourselves good and bored.

Bored we were not.

The first day we arrived, we were shown by Hans and Angie to a great nearby restaurant on the beach, where we promptly gorged ourselves silly on fresh-caught lobster.  The next day, I woke up to a clean 4′ swell and sunny skies, so I managed to pass a good 4 or so hours catching good, uncrowded waves.  In the water that day I met a local guy who invited us over to his place for lunch… lunch led to plans for a foray up the coast the following day… which led to a trip to Zihua another day, a trip to a nearby village, a trip to the Ranch, to Saladita, to Ixtapa, to a nearby rivermouth, to “town” (Troncones) for drinks at Cafe Sol… to Roberto’s Bistro for some grilled meat… and so forth.

I never finished my book.  We had to come back the following year and give the whole book-finishing thing another try.

There’s a lot to do at Raqueros.  The obvious ones are:

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