More About Our Posada and the Grounds it Stands On…

tn_beach-panoLow-key is the name of the game here. We are located on the beach at Manzanillo Bay, near the village of Troncones, which lies approximately 40km from the resort area of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. We’re near enough to Ixtapa that you can get there should you desire some nightlife action or shopping, but we’re a world apart from Ixtapa’s “spring break” atmosphere.

Our little bay and the village of Troncones have all the amenities and dining options you will need during your trip, and many people show up here and don’t leave the beach for the duration of the trip. There are 4 gourmet restaurants here on the beach, and it’s perfectly acceptable to dine in your bathing suit at all of them, should you choose. The best of both worlds.

tn_aerial3km down the road in Troncones village you will also find several other dining options, from the authentic Mexican fare at the Burro Borracho, Costa Brava and Do?a Nica’s to Monday Night Football with sandwiches and and tacos at Cafe Sol. Troncones also has 2 convenience stores for basic grocery, beer and liquor needs.

As you can see from the photos in the slideshow above, we take extra-good care of our beachfront Inn and our property; but we are also actively involved in our community here? from heading up the local homeowners association which provides for water and sanitation services, to participating, promoting or helping organize local events, fiestas, quincineras and more. This is our home, and we love it and want to keep it lovable. We live in paradise, and we are reminded of it every day. Every aspect of our villa reflects the joy we experience every day of our lives living here.

This is not a pre-packaged corporate beach Disneyland kind of vacation experience. The Raqueros experience is truly unique, elegant and serene. It’s quiet time at it’s very finest, where every option opens up in front of you: Activities? Sure, you can surf, fish, snorkle, hike, kayak, hire a boat or just walk the beaches; Peace and quiet? Absolutely, you can opt to spend your whole week reading in a beach chair… with the occasional break to grab a fresh, cold beer from your room. Elegance? Yes, there’s nothing quite like walking home on the beach after a gourmet dinner and coming up to our veranda for an after-dinner drink and the sound of classical music backed by the rolling ocean.

About the owners and the grounds, and then some…
In another life, Hans Brouwers, the owner of Raqueros, made a career of helping make the air we breathe cleaner and safer. As a result, the Posada utilizes technology and clever design in the effort of maintaining the atmosphere we all live in. When first entering La Posada de Los Raqueros, you can?t help noticing several solar panels about the property. These panels take care of all of our hot water needs. Upon closer inspection, you will also notice how used water is redistributed to address the needs of the trees, plants and other flora around the property. Not one natural resource is wasted? And plants and trees and water there are… in abundance. Fountains greet you as you enter our gates from the road, bubbling away in a terraced courtyard. Shaded hammocks line our terrace, which overlooks a lawn and garden studded with Ginger, Heliotropes, Banana and Palm trees.

Hans’ partner, Angie, has an extensive background in the hospitality industry, and she makes absolutely sure that the guests are pampered and feel at home during their stay. Angie has tastefully decorated the entire posada in an eclectic and tastefully stylish mix of European, Mexican and Asian decor. Art, architecture, ceramic and design enthusiasts always comment on the extensive attention to detail we have paid to the design of our posada and grounds.

And then there is the beach…

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