Casita del Pelicano

Casita del Pelicano, the oceanfront bungalow… When you stay in Casita del Pelicano the beach is literally right outside your door. The first level of Casita del Pelicano offers a large living room with comfortable seating and a talavera tiled bathroom with a solar hot water shower. Large shuttered and screened windows provide a cool breeze throughout the inside living area, where you can relax on the couch while listening to the sound of the ocean. The spacious open-air terrace sports a fully-equipped kitchen available for your enjoyment and convenience. Upstairs at Casita del Pelicano features a romantic king-sized bed with screened windows that let in the cooling ocean breeze all night long.


Pricing: November 1 – April 30: US$155.00 per night for up to two people Closed from May 1 to October 31: Please check our specials that we run from time to time in our newsletter,  or on Facebook.

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