More info & activities in Manzanillo Bay & Playa Troncones


Los Raqueros is located on the beach at Manzanillo Bay. In-between the village of Troncones and La Majahua, approximately 40km from the resort area of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, our area has all the amenities and dining options you will need during your trip. Many visitors don’t leave the beach for the duration of the trip as there are three restaurants within close walking distance and many more a bike ride or short taxi ride away.  Troncones also has many convenience stores for basic grocery, beer and liquor needs.



Right out front


exploration to relaxation


Nearby Yoga





There is plenty of surf in the area, starting with the fun left point break in our back yard, known as Troncones Point.  There are also other  beach breaks and river mouths near by to the north and south. Farther afield Saladita (a long Malibu-style left point) and the Ranch are only a short drive or boat ride away.

The water is warm year-round, usually hovering in the high 70s/low 80s. Winds tend to be light offshore every morning, turning onshore around noon almost every day. Troncones Point is a peaky point with a steep drop over sharp coral, that then backs off into deeper water, sometimes lining up nicely through the inside, sometimes not. We recommend reef boots, as the urchins can be thick.

Good boards can be rented at the nearby Inn at Manzanillo Bay (Modern boards in good condition: Channel Islands, Rusty, etc, mostly epoxy as well as long boards, boogie boards, fins, snorkels, etc.

Mike Linn of Tsunami Surf, offers surf lessons, board rentals and "rent and ride" packages where you rent the board and he takes you to the spot and you are free to surf as you like. Call him at 103-0018, or email at


hatha yoga

Most mornings at 9:00 am Natalie has yoga classes open to the public in the beachfront palapa of the hotel. Her classes are gentle Hatha flow that is accessible for all abilities. Through this moving meditation you will gain balance, strength and peace of mind.

Class is 200p per person. Class packages are also available.

Private lessons available by appointment.



Surfing the best point in Troncones right out front  (lessons also available)


Fishing: boats can be easily arranged and will take you out after Dorado, Marlin, Sail fish, Spanish Mackerel and sometimes Tuna

Boogie Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Horseback riding

Guided eco tours, mountain bikes,Kayaking trips and more available through our friends at Costa Nativa Eco tours

Onsite manicure and pedicure service available

Therapeutic massage, let a master masseuse come to you

Hammocks scattered about the property for your lounging pleasure.

Taxi service available to Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo.

Catering Service, there are many options for take away and deliveries ask Natalie


Dine in your own kitchen or enjoy many local options.

Nearby villages of Troncones and La Majahua have all the dining options you could ask for. Stock up on your way here and cook in your own kitchen, or enjoy one of the  many restaurants within a short walking distance.



Hacienda Eden –  International cuisine and fresh-baked pizzas.

Amor Tropical –  Fusion tacos and bowls with the best cocktails in town.

The Inn at Manzanillo Bay – Sports bar with American fare

Tronco Bay – Classic Mexican beach fare  with a pool that you can use as a patron


Toro del Mar – Fantastic fresh seafood. If you are lucky you can watch a local fisherman go out and catch your lobster or oysters. Also famous for their Margaritas.

Brisas Mexicanas –  Also great seafood spot with a palapa set on the rocks overlooking the fishing boat bay..


Roberto’s Bistro  –  Some of the best BBQ you’ve ever had.  Argentine-style.

Quesadillas Lourdes   –  Perfect for lunch, sandwiches, quesadillas and daily specials.

Cafe Sol – Great place for “tapas”, tacos, sandwiches and catching the latest sports on TV from the US.

Mini Restaurant Chencho’s – Famous for hamburgers but great Mexican food.

La Mexicana – Famous for their local Mexican dishes.

Rufi’s  – Wednesday night specials famous for their Chile Rellenos, it gets full quickly so we suggest making reservations.

Cafe Pacifico – Coffee and healthy options.

Orbe's – Best fish burger on the planet.


How to get here.

Los Raqueros is located on the beach at Manzanillo Bay, in between the villages of Troncones and La Majahua , which lie approximately 30km from the resort area of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.


The airport in Zihuatanejo is a small international airport that has direct flights to and from many locations inside and outside the US.

From California
Alaska Airlines frequently offers direct flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Ixtapa/Zihua airport. These flights are much quicker than many of the other options from California, which have stopovers in Mexico City or Houston.

From Texas
Several airlines offer direct flights to Ixtapa/Zihua.

From Elsewhere
We can’t be sure what the ins-and-outs of getting here from everywhere are… but let us know if you have any questions as to how to make it here.

From the airport in Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa:

Since around November 2012, the road to our Posada from the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa airport has vastly improved and the trip should take no more than 40 minutes.

 A taxi is the easiest way to reach the hotel. The rates are fixed and there is a taxi stand right outside of the airport. The fare is around 1000 pesos. They may offer to sell you a return or round-trip taxi ride, but I suggest not doing so as the return trip from Troncones is less expensive if booked separately with a local taxi.

Raqueros is located in the "Manzanillo Bay" area of Troncones. If you tell the folks at the taxi stand you are going to "Los Raqueros - Manzanillo Bay - Troncones" they will bring you directly to the hotel.

You can also arrive here by bus by taking the one that passes out in front of the airport parking lot headed to Zihuatanejo Centro. At some point in the town of Zihuatanejo you will transfer to a bus headed towards (and labeled) La Union. Tell the bus driver you will be getting off at Troncones. At the coconut stand you will wait for a little white and blue shuttle bus (called a 'combi') that will take you from the highway through Troncones and to Los Raqueros. The local shuttle bus does stop making its rounds around 5 or 6pm though, so consider this when planning to arrive by bus.

Driving Instructions:

 We are located approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International airport . Follow highway 200 north towards Zihuatanejo (stay to the left at the first fork in the highway right out of the parking lot). They just recently opened a new, and vastly improved, section of highway between Zihuatanejo & Troncones. Basically you drive north on Highway 200 (200 begins at the airport) past Zihuatanejo and up the hill towards Ixtapa. Follow signs saying either Ixtapa or Lazaro Cardenas. As you approach the top of the hill the 2 left-hand lanes will continue straight to Ixtapa and pass under a large sign reading "Bienvenidos a Ixtapa". As you don't actually want to go to Ixtapa, you need to be in the right-hand lane at this point. Take the exit that says Lazaro Cardenas.

As you travel down Highway 200 (after about 21 k from entering the new highway) you will see 2 cellphone towers right in front of you and the highway curving off to the right. Somewhere soon along this stretch you will see a sign for Troncones. The new exit from the highway/to Troncones involves pulling off the highway to the right into a specially built turning lane. It is clearly marked and should be easy to see.

Once you have exited the highway, you will find signs pointing you to the entrance to the road to Troncones. You will continue down this road for approximately 3 kilometers and then arrive in the town of Troncones. Once there, continue through the town (it is small & the road is straight) until you reach a "T". You will be facing the ocean and can only turn either right or left. Turn right and continue North down the road for 3.5 kilometers and there you will find Los Raqueros.

 One word of advice: don't trust other people's turn signals. Most people here have never taken driving courses and often use the left turn signal to tell the person behind them to pass on that side. Very confusing and dangerous. It's common for someone to turn on their turn signal then turn the opposite direction! Drive defensively and take your time.

All rental car agencies are represented at the airport. Book online before you arrive! If you are booking for Christmas count on them being out of cars when you arrive and delivering it to the hotel a few days later.

Welcome and enjoy your well deserved vacation.



When are you open?

The hotel is normally open from mid October to mid August and is closed from mid August to mid October. This summer, 2018 we will be closing the hotel as ownership changes and we renovate. We will be reopening October 31st, 2018.

Are you right on the beach, and how close is the water?

The Beach Bungalow is literally on the sand, while the rest of the rooms are tucked into the garden just 10m from the sand and about 20m from the waters edge.

Except the garden bungalow, all of our rooms have views of the ocean and bay.

How do I get to Los Raqueros from the airport, and how long does it take?

You can take a taxi to Raqueros from the airport (and back) or you can rent a car. Hertz, Alamo, Budget, and National have rentals at the airport. The trip takes about 50 minutes. The airport to Eden leg of the local taxi service is controlled by a national union with fixed prices. Don't let them talk you into a return taxi to the airport, we will reserve our local Troncones taxi service for your departure to the airport. 

It is simple to get a taxi at the airport; there is a “Ground Transportation” desk when you come out of customs. Tell them that you want to go to Troncones and they will take your payment and give you a slip that you can take out the door to the taxi stand. The cars are in good shape and most have AC. All of the taxi drivers know how to get to Troncones. You might want to take a look at the "Getting Here" section if you want a more detailed description of how to drive here. Don’t worry, there is only one road, you can’t get lost.

Do all of your rooms have a private entrance/exit?

Yes, all of our rooms have their own entrance and private balcony or porch.

Where is raqueros located in reference to other well-known landmarks?

We are on the pacific coast of Mexico. We are 200 miles north of Acapulco, and about 7 hours drive south from the city of Manzanillo. We are a 7 hour drive west from Mexico City. We are a 30 minute drive from Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

Which airport should I fly into?

You need to fly into the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International Airport.

What is the surf like?

In the wintertime the surf is anywhere from small to medium, it is perfect for boogie boarding and body surfing. In the summertime the surf is usually from medium to big, depending on the conditions. If there is a tropical storm in the vicinity it will really bring the surf up.

Do you have a restaurant on the premises?

While breakfast is included, there is not a full service restaurant onsite. We have a beach bar next door for happy hour, a Mexican-Mediterranean Restaurant one door down and private chefs available. Every unit has a kitchen: the bungalows and penthouse each have their own outdoor kitchenette, the two suites share the main villa kitchen.

Do you have fridges in your rooms?

We have fridges in each kitchenette, and two mini fridges in the main kitchen for each of the suites. Each kitchen has most basic appliances and cutlery (blenders, coffee pot, toaster etc.), but we do not provide kitchen staples (salt, oil, spices, produce disinfectent etc.). You can find most basic groceries in the convenience stores in Troncones and nearby Majahua. But the most diverse selection of groceries is to be found at La Comercial Mexicana in Zihuatanejo right along the highway between the airport and Troncones. It is definitely worth it, on your way through town, to stop at a store to stock up for the week.

Do you have AC?

We have air conditioning in all of our units, except the beach bungalow which has ceiling fans and ocean breezes.

What temperature is the water?

It is between 72-84 degrees F.

Can you snorkel in front of Eden?

You can snorkel in front of our place when the surf is small which is about 50% of the time.

Do you have masks and snorkels that we can borrow?

I am sorry but we do not. BYO!

Can I rent a surf board in Troncones?

Yes, there is a place down the beach that rents boards. We have some boogie boards for our guests to use free of charge.

Do you have beach towels?

Yes, two large beach towels are standard with every room.

What is there to do around raqueros?

There are a number of activities available in the vicinity. You can go hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and horseback riding. In Zihuatanejo you may go sport fishing, scuba diving, or shopping. See the activities section for more details.

Do I have to know how to speak Spanish?

No, we all speak English; we also speak a little French, Norwegian and Portuguese. We all speak Spanish and can do any translating that you need.

Can you drink the water?

Although we have all of our water piped in from a deep well we do not drink it. We have bottled water in each room for your teeth brushing and drinking etc, we also have 5 gallon water dispensers dotted around the property for fill ups. We only use purified water to wash vegetables and for other kitchen uses and all of our ice is made with purified water.

I don’t want to bring much cash—what should I do?

You can pay the balance of your hotel bill before you arrive. Very few restaurants accept credit card, so bring pesos and/or a debit card to withdraw pesos as needed. There are several ATM machines in the airport that we recommend utilizing when you arrive. An ATM will give you a better exchange rate than any other method. There is now a new ATM machine in Troncones! But it is notorious for being out of service for one reason or another :) So it is best to come prepared. All of our rooms have completely secure lock boxes where you can safely store your valuables and cash without worry.

Can you go scuba diving or sport fishing?

Scuba Diving and sport fishing can be arranged in Zihuatanejo. 
There is an official scuba center there and they have guided trips that start at around $50 US a person. The scuba diving on the pacific coast of Mexico is not ‘world class’ but it is a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Jaime Vargas is the captain that we have used for sport fishing in the past. For a small boat that holds from 2-3 persons it is 135 $ a day. The boat leaves the dock at 7 am in Zihuatanejo. We can have a taxi pick you up at Eden or you can drive your rental car. For an extra charge Jaime will also bring lunch. He takes you out and fishes for bait, and then to all of is favorite spots. See the Sport fishing section for more information.

How strong is the sun?

The sun is strong. Always bring sunscreen and a hat and most of all use them and re-apply every hour!!

Can we buy land near you?

There is still property for sale in our area. Call Dewey McMillan (we used him as our agent) at 011-52-755-553-2812.

How do we get into Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa from raqueros?

It is simple to take a taxi in, which will cost you about 60$ round trip or you can rent a car. Car rentals are anywhere from 40$ a day to 120$ for a big van.

Is there a place where I can watch sports?

There is a bar about 200 yards from Eden that has a TV and shows all of the major sporting events.

What if we need a doctor?

For a minor injury there is a clinic about a ten minute drive away. For something more major there is a private hospital in Zihuatanejo. No matter what, if you are injured we will do all we can to help.

Are there any dangerous bug/animals?

There are no large dangerous animals. There are fire ants, scorpions and tarantulas though, if you want to find them. None of these insects are deadly but give a bad sting. If you are allergic to bees please bring your adrenaline shot (epi-pen), just in case.

Can I get laundry done?

We do not do laundry; our machine goes almost 24 hours a day to keep up with our own laundry! There is a laundry service in Troncones.

Are there good surfing spots nearby?

There are lots of good surfing spots within an hour drive from Raqueros, not to mention the one right in front of the hotel! A few of them are world class: La Saladita, Playa Linda, The Ranch, Rio Nexpa, La Boca, and Troncones Point to name a few.

Are there places to buy gifts?

We have a gift shop right next door at Eden. Eva does all of the shopping and tries to get a variation of beautiful and special things from all over Mexico.

Is there a departure tax at the airport?

No, and don’t let them convince you otherwise.

Do I need to bring my passport?


Do I need a visa?

If you are an American or Canadian when you are on the plane the attendants will give you a form to fill out this is your tourist visa, they will stamp it at the airport. Don’t lose it. You will need to give it back when you leave the country.

I have minor children do I need to do anything special?

YES! Last year a number of guests to Troncones were stopped at the airport in the United States with their minor children. They were traveling with only one parent and were not allowed to leave the country without the consent of the other parent. Ask your airline about this. It is very troublesome; they will not let you board the plane without the correct documentation!

Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a car?

No, any local driver’s license is OK.

Do I need a jacket or sweater?

The most that you might need in December or January is a long sleeved t-shirt.

How are the mosquitoes?

There are mosquitoes in the jungle. If you wear insect repellent they will not bother you. They aren’t bad and some people say that they go away altogether in the winter months. It just depends on how sweet you are.

How far should I book in advance?

It is always better to book as far in advance as possible. It is difficult for us to predict when we will be full. But one thing is certain, for reservations during the Christmas season you should book one year in advance. No kidding!

Can I use my credit card?

We do not accept credit cards to settle bills for the rooms. Please pay your balance prior to your visit or pay us in cash (US dollars or Pesos) upon arrival. We can not accept checks of any kind.

Do you take travelers checks?


Where can I get pesos once I am there?

The best place to get pesos once you arrive is at the airport ATM machine to the left as you come out of the arrivals hall. The ATM will give you a better exchange rate than the banks here. But your local bank back home should be able to provide you with pesos at the current exchange rate, so it is best to arrive prepared with pesos. We will also be happy to take dollars or any other foreign currency instead of pesos. 

Can I use my  ATM  card?

There is now an ATM machine in Troncones!! There are also quite a few ATM machines in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa that take the Plus system and Cirrus. Sometimes, although you think that you can use your card anywhere; it hasn’t been programmed to go international: check at your bank before leaving.

How safe is it for a single woman traveling in your area?

We have quite a few single women (and men) guests at Raqueros, so far there has never been a problem.There is enough beach traffic on our cove for security and not so much as to ruin the serenity. There are always other guests around to talk to and hang out with.

I am a vegetarian, can you accommodate me?

Our breakfast menu only has one day that includes meat which we can easily exclude from your dish. In town there are now a number of restaurants that offer vegetarian entrees and specialties. Vegan fare is a bit more limited in options...

If you have any other questions that are not on this list please feel free to write Natalie directly at